New dimension of security for You and Your company

Professional system for coded communication. Sycret Voice created for users of smartphone with Android operation system The system based on the module embedded in the microSD card.

What is the Sycret Voice?

irst mobile hardware based security solution to encrypt your voice real time with the certificate of FIPS 140-2 Level 3


Ideal where the discretion is equal to the success.


We encrypt directly during data transmission.

If you do not want to be overheard, stolen of confidential information, then Sycret Voice is ideally designed for you. The coding system makes possible to set up complete peer to peer communication secure channel.

Because of this you have the possibility of encrypted calls, chats, SMS messages in the real time without intervention of intermediate server in setting up connections. Disposable session keys are generated in the connection process and exchanged directly between the telephone sets without participation of the server. The server intermediating in setting up connections does not generate or store any encryption keys.


Hardware encryption out of the Android system.

Our encryption system is totally independent from the operating system, Android. By placing the coding process inside the SDencrypter card, you get unprecedented untill now in commercial solutions resistance to malicious software.

Trojan or SpyPhone type, man in the middle attack, listening in as well as unauthorised data interception. Thanks to our system and your confidential information will be secure.


Modular coding in the
microSD card

Not to waste of time, money and loss of confidential information when developing your own company, you will need trusted technolog offered by Sycret Voice.

The Encrypter 16GB user memory built-in the card, will allow you to store confidential data of your company coded safely.

One system many possibilities

Sycret Voice

Encrypt voice calls and talk safely.

The Sycret Voice protects us against overhearing telephone calls in the real time as well as against registration of them.

It does not matter if the overhearing is done from the level of the cellular telephony operator, or using specialistic equipment intercepting voice communication such as the Interceptor GSM or IMSI Catcher.

Each call will be strongly coded and secured against overhearing.


Encrypt chats and writing with no fears.

The Sycret Voice protects us against intercepting ongoing chats in the Internet. Here also the protection includes not only the real duration of the chat, but also unwanted recording.

he Sycret IM protects each chat independently from the intercepting attempt, which can be done from the cellular telephony operator level, Internet provider, or specialistic equipment intended for intercepting messages of GSM or IMSI Catcher interceptor.


Encrypted messages and writing what you think without accessing Internet.

No access to Internet? You can still continue to use secure encrypted communication using the GSM network of the cellular telephony operator.

You only need to use the Secure SMS and your SMS messages will be secured against all attempts of intercepting them.

mozliwosci sycret-voice

Encrypted data and sleep quietly.

The Safe Box is a type of the virtual vault where you can safely store your data with no fears without worry off or modified.

All data is encrypted and stored directly in the Encrypter card. The data is totally independent from the operational system of the equipment, malicious software as well as from man-in-the-middle attack.


Encrypted data and taking advantage of the secure cloud.

Do you want to send big sized data files safely? Do you want to share confidential documents or photographs with your friends or colleagues?

Take advantage of the Sycret Cloud application that makes you possible to integrate with the Dropbox account safely.

Files are encrypted by security module inside Encrypter and then directly uploaded to the. You do what you always do and it is safely as ever.

System with the highest level of protections accessible on the commercial market


What FIPS 140-2 Level 3 is?

The FIPS 140-2 is the standard established by the United States Government that describes requirements related to coding and physical security, used to computer products appropriated for processing essential data.

The Level 3 is the third of four possible protection levels. It includes, among others, safeguards against physical infringement of protections, coding data using crypto keys as well as possibility of removing critical security parameters in the case of physical protections infringement.

How to achieve FIPS?

Achieving FIPS requires to satisfy a series of rigorous tests being done at laboratories accredited by the National Institute of Standardisation and Technologies (NIST). Only positive satisfying the research process allows achieving the certificate

What does the certificate FIPS 140-2 allow?

Warranty that the certified product satisfies all security standards in the scope of coding and data protecting security at the level 3 of protections.


What is CC certification?

CC (Common Criteria) is the international quality standard defining evaluation criteria of the security level for teleinformation systems

Czym jest EAL 5?

EAL (Evaluation Assurance Level) is the process based on checking conformity of teleinformation protection with the CC standard. The checking is done according to seven levels of specificity, from EAL1 up to EAL 7, and it is done in accredited laboratories

Co daje CC EAL 5+?

A product of the CC EAL 5+ standard provides a very high level of security and warrants that all protections declared by the manufacturer act according to the requirements defined for a given EAL level. The higher level the more rigorous and detailed requirements related to the design of the product protections and higher quality warranty of the protection. The Level EAL 5 means that the product passed positive verification in relation to the physical, environmental security, protection of network connections, as well as it was semiformally designed and tested). *The expression of “semiformal” is understood as „expressed in the language of precisely defined syntax and defined semantics”



Get the Sycret Voice application from Google Play


Run the card using a default PIN 1234 and reset to your own individual PIN (from 4 to 16 digits) you will be logging with from now.


Activate the card in the application.


Add selected persons for contacts in the application and quietly write, call and, chat

You must? Want?... transfer data from the Sycret Voice to another equipment.

Take the card out and insert in another equipment and, take APP and you’re now ready.

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